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Kaohsiung Cultural Yacht

The historical development of Kaohsiung is closely related to the sea and the port. It has been 111 years since the establishment of Kaohsiung Port in 1908. It has witnessed the development of Kaohsiung from a village to an industrial city.


In the afternoon, take a cultural yacht from Zhan Erku to watch the large container ships, warships, and the banana pier by the port in Kaohsiung Port from the sea, overlooking the Shoushan Mountain, Dagou British Consulate Cultural Park and Flaghouse Lighthouse and other famous attractions. And cross the main channel to enter the first port branch channel, and watch the major constructions in Asia's New Bay Area, including Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung Software Technology Park, Shin Kong Wharf, Kaohsiung Port Travel Center and Marine Culture and Pop Music Center. After landing, return to the exclusive dock of the stack II library.


高雄|文化遊艇:棧貳庫 - 英領館|大港巡航之旅&雙人美食套餐|送愛情鎖

Embark on a luxurious historical tour by sea, with a guide taking you to an unseen Kaohsiung.

From now on, the promotion price is only $260 (original price $300), and the whole journey takes about 50 minutes.

Children over 3 years old but under 12 years old, seniors over 65 years old, persons with disabilities holding a certificate of disability and 1 necessary companion (limited to admission at the same time), can purchase preferential tickets ($150) at the BIO counter. Relevant documents proving their identity must be presented when boarding the preferential ticket.