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Food styling

Artist - Lee Chi Hsiang

       New Perspective Art in Taiwan Dimensional Creation Series
      Excellence, Chang Hsin-Lung Arts Award
      2nd Place, the Departmental Oil Painting Exhibition, Taipei National University of the Arts



  • Artist statement
    The evolution of imaging technology, to satisfaction the visual sense of verisimilitude, the passage of time has also become one of the determine standard. Through photographic record images as realistic painting of an auxiliary, is the common way to present, and image detail through the lens out of focus, or the formation of other effects, has become a kind of image a sense of realism practices. A painting, seems to emphasize the characteristic of analog image, can make a quick vision capture to the viewers.

    I use the reticulated tracery window pane as an analog camera, though the background out of focus, presented with superimposed focus unreasonable overlap become a symbol of reconstruction. I may remain faint silent the authoring process, left to the viewers to decide is it blurry or out of focus? Maybe just eyes grow with flowers.