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About Brio

Mindless wandering is the pace to get to know a city deeply and the clearest reflection of the self. On this journey, leave your mark at Brio as you get the most blissful respite within the concrete jungle. As you wake up to the warmth of the sun, let that be the wistful memento of the Brio double halo and the time you spend here with us.

We are a team of artistic designers from various places in the world: an interior designer from Taiwan (where you will find the friendliest faces), and New York based designers of Thai, Italian, as well as Filipino descent. We are older than "young" by a few years, and always striving for the most impeccable and beautiful. Even though Brio is a quiet stage without any theatrics, our guests could deeply feel its introverted temperament and serenity.

We know you more than you do.